Monday, July 25, 2016

Pulling Out The Weeds

Have you ever had a weed in your yard that you chopped down and thought it was gone – only to have it spring up again? It’s roots, you discovered, were still alive, and they might even have spread. 

Sinful thoughts can be like that.  When we come to Christ, He begins to change our thinking, and new thoughts begin to take root in our mindthoughts about God’s love for us and His will for our life. But those old thoughts haven’t been completely killed, and sometimes they suddenly spring to the surface. When they do, Satan will try to deceive us into thinking that we aren’t new creations in Jesus after all, because we have failed Him. 

Don’t be surprised when old ways of thinking crop up – but don’t let them linger. When they come, immediately turn to God and ask Him to help you get rid of them—just as you pull weeds out of your garden.

Most of all, let the Word of God fill you and renew your mind every day. When our minds are on Christ, Satan has little room to maneuver.

Billy Graham Daily Devotional  

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