Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stack Your Stones!

“What do these stones mean to you?"- Joshua 4:6

God had the Israelites build a memorial of stones in the midst of the Jordan river after He fulfilled the promise of deliverance into the promised land.  He had them build it in a dry place not while the river was abundantly flowing, but dead in the midst, on dry ground, only to be been seen when the river was dried up. Why?

They are a reminder of the goodness of God.  They are a memorial of His ever merciful hand of protection. They are a proclamation of His provision. They are a testimony of His grace.  They speak of Him and everything He is! The stones were stacked in remembrance of the mighty Miracle He performed!

It is far to easy to get into a dry place and forget the goodness of our God. He had His people build this memorial with stones not visible while the streams of abundance flow but while the water was dried up!  It is those hard dry desert seasons we need to remember the great and awesome power of our God in our life!

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