Monday, October 19, 2015

A Promise of Completion

Father God,

I pray that today and every day we will be more fully persuaded and have a renewed confidence in this truth... You are a God who completes!

Father God, you lack nothing and we know that You do not not abandon ANY work You have ordained...You are The All Sufficient One and You are only capable of complete perfection!

Father, thank You for beginning the work of Grace within us and for comforting us with Your Truth...You alone will see through to completion Your work in us...according to Your order to accomplish Your Perfect Plan!

Thank You, Lord, that Your Promise includes for us an everlasting life and we humbly praise and thank You for sending Your Son so that we may dwell with You for eternity.

Father, we pray for strength of endurance as we set our eyes on Your Kingdom and we give You all the the name of Jesus Christ...Amen!

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