Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Prayer For Our Nation

Heavenly Father and Lord of hosts,

I pray for leadership in this nation (and the world) which mimics that of King David, the Godly king-servant and forefather of The Messiah...

Leaders who possess the very qualities that would make them also "after God's own heart."

Leaders who are courageous because they claim their birthright in Jesus; who are fearless and secure in their true identity, and are Holy Spirit led.

Leaders who fight battles in The Name of The Lord - with The Sword of The Spirit - and proudly put on the armor of God.

Leaders who are faithful and wise and seek truth in the full counsel of God; who are imitators of Christ, clothed in strength, dignity, mercy, humility and grace.

Leaders who are passionate about our Living God; who seek Him and place Him above all people, powers, politics, greed and worldly desires.

Leaders who bow down to The One True King, defend His Name, and give Him all the glory!

Leaders who are not merely focused on a presidency or a nation, but rather on the Kingdom of God!

Lord, we need You.

Please come soon.

In Jesus Christ's Holy and Righteous Name,

Our Savior and The King of kings,


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