Friday, October 28, 2016

Godly Sorrow

We all have experienced the grief of betrayal. Nothing wounds the heart more deeply than the betrayal of a trusted friend. Jesus understood the grief of betrayal, not just by one of his closest friends, but by two – Judas and Peter.  These two disciples provide a vivid contrast between godly sorrow and worldly sorrow. 

Both Judas and Peter grieved over the sickening reality of betraying Jesus. But Judas’ betrayal resulted in further wrong choices. Overwhelmed with grief, Judas rushed headlong into worldly sorrow, and he ultimately committed suicide. 

On the other hand, Peter’s betrayal  resulted in godly sorrow. Rather than hardening his heart, Peter’s godly sorrow let him to repentance. This God-honoring repentance, in turn, led to Peter’s complete reconciliation with Christ, and to a humble, yet powerful life that would forever impact the world. 

Judas and Peter each had a choice. One chose death – the other chose life. As you face your season of grief, what will your choice be?

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