Thursday, August 27, 2015

Snowing in the Summer...

“As snow in summer and rain in harvest, So honor is not fitting for a fool.”-Proverbs 26:1

In Canada it does snow in the summer, in fact it already has.  This is not fitting, it is confusing, it is out of order, it is unnatural, it should not be. So honor is not fitting for a fool.  It brings about confusion. It is out of order and does not seem fit.  It is unnatural and flawed.  It should not be! 

How then does the season continue? Is God not still the author of the season and of the snow? Does He not purpose the snow or the honor? 
"The Great God who formed everything gives the fool his hire" (Prov 26:10).  He is still in control and sovereign over everything.  How then do we respond to the change?

Could it be a season of growth by means of the unfit snowfall? As the snow brings moisture to the ground in a dry season...By the same standard...Could we still find purpose in something unfit and experience growth in our own lives?

We might not understand but He sees all, He knows all, He authored the snow and the honor, He knows the fool and the season, and He has purpose in all things...

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