Monday, January 2, 2023

We Can’t Always Trust Our Heart

I think  we have all been in a situation where we thought we knew without a doubt that our heart was leading us the right way. Things felt so right. The situation, or that person, just felt so right. Until, it wasn't. Until it was the exact opposite. And until we realized, well, maybe we can't always trust our heart after all.

The problems with our hearts is that as much as good can come from them, the not so good comes from them, too. The Bible says that out of our hearts flows everything (Proverbs ‪4:23‬). The pain, the hurt, the unhealthy needs, the selfish desires, the evil thoughts, the anger, the sin we do, it all comes from the heart, mixed in with the good. Which is why when we are making decisions in life, we can't always trust that what we want to do is based on reason, truth, or what is good for us and what God would want us to do, and not on the emotions and feelings that can sometimes stem from things we have gone through. We NEED something greater than our hearts to lead us. Because our hearts WILL lead us astray, friends. They just will. Do we get it right sometimes? Of course. But we can't always be sure, so we HAVE to go the Person who is, if we want to save ourselves from hurt. This is why it's so imperative we seek God in our lives. That, we get to know HIS heart, so it can replace so much of the brokenness in ours. And get to know HIS words, so that HIS voice will be what bursts through to help us open the right doors.

So if you have a big decision to make today, or, in the future, go to God and get in His Word. Spend time with Him, pray about it, and surrender it to Him. Don't trust your heart, because it can deceive you. Ask the One who knows every single thing that is inside of it, and HE will always show you what to do. He will never mislead you. Our hearts might fail us, but He never will.

"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." (Psalm 73:26)