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Note: The above study was recorded in October of 2014. It's substituting the scheduled study for this date not recorded due to technical difficulties.

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How To Study The Bible. No Commentaries Needed.

At our family Thanksgiving gathering this year, I was blessed to have a conversation with a young woman who recently accepted Jesus Christ into her heart and life as her Lord and Savior.  She exuded an overflow of the Spirit living inside of her. She was full of awe and wonder of how radically God has softened and changed her heart.  It was evident that the Holy Spirit is giving her a hunger, thirst and a deep reverence for the word of God. She was full of questions wanting to experience the whole counsel of God. This caused me to wonder how many young converts have the same yearning and hunger within, where they once were spiritually dead now made alive by the Spirit of the Living God residing in them, but aren't being exhorted to study the word of God for themselves. That yearning within can only be satisfied through  intimacy with God and the only way to have true intimacy with God is to peer into his heart and connect with him at a heart level by getting to know His character, the depth of His redeeming love for us and the covenant relationship we have with Him.  How do we peer into and get to know the very heart of God?.....through his word and by his spirit.

As I shared with my young friend, finding a solid bible teaching church is key to building our faith and growing spiritually,  but studying the word of God on our own is equally important. Bible commentaries are excellent and helpful tools to aid in the study of the word but nothing interprets the word of God like the word of God. In other words, scripture interprets scripture and we don't need a commentary to interpret what the word of God wants to teach us personally through his Spirit.

There are many who have written books on how to study the bible but I have found personally that no one quite explains it as simply as Anne Graham Lotz.  She  presents the simple 3-question Bible study method the she uses to study the Bible in context.
  1.  What Does It Say?
  2.  What Does It Mean?
  3.  What Does It  Mean To Me?

It is designed to lead you on a personal journey through  Scripture to a fresh encounter with God through his word and by his Spirit. I love how she reiterates that when we read his Word, we must come to Him expecting to hear from Him through prayer. I pray that like Samuel we too can say..."Speak Lord, for your servant hears." (1 Samuel 3:9)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pursue Holiness

There is a growing movement that is progressively becoming acceptable in the main stream church that in order to reach the young we must check Holiness at the door and join in the sinful dark practices of their world. Sadly this is causing many new converts to have a false sense of security by never truly letting go of worldly practices, thereby continuing to be separated from a Holy righteous God that cannot stand in presence of darkness and sin.  Hebrews 12:14 extorts believers to pursue holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.  This has been very heavy on my heart so I'm thankful to come across Charles Stanley's exhortation to pursue holiness. God's timing is always perfect to bring confirmation through His inerrant word.

By In Touch Ministries

Pursuing Holiness

God’s children are called to live holy lives that are marked by a deep reverence for Him. One strong motivation for righteous living is the cross and what it represents.

First, the cross is a reminder of our original position as outsiders, separated from God because of sin. Second, it points to our need for a Savior. Divine justice decrees that the penalty for sin is death (Rom. 6:23); however, the only acceptable payment is the shedding of innocent blood (Deut. 17:1). Since we are all guilty, we cannot pay for our own sins. Third, it was on the cross that Jesus took our place and endured God’s wrath so we could be forgiven. Fourth, the crucifixion marks the time when God’s justice was satisfied and His mercy was demonstrated. Finally, it points out the way to be reconciled to the Lord and adopted into His family. Only through faith in Jesus Christ can we be saved (John 14:6).

Sadly, many have forgotten about God’s requirement of holiness (v. 15). Instead of holding fast to His standards of attitude and behavior, we embrace some worldly values that seem more comfortable or self-satisfying. We pursue secular ideals such as pleasure and material wealth instead of godly ones like servanthood and obedience. These goals are encouraged by our culture, which has little fear of the Lord and regularly ignores His warnings and commandments.

To counteract the culture’s influence, keep the meaning of the cross before you. Then you’ll be motivated to pursue holiness in honor of the One who gave His life to save you.

Dr. Charles Stanly
In Touch Ministries

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holy, Rigtheous and Redeemed!

This is who we are in Christ Jesus. Now live it! Truth!


Bring your tired
Bring your shame
Bring your guilt
Bring your pain
Don’t you know that’s not your name
You will always be much more to me

Every day I wrestle with the voices
That keep telling me I’m not right
But that’s alright

‘Cause I hear a voice and He calls me redeemed
When others say I’ll never be enough
And greater is the One living inside of me
Then he who is living in the world
In the world
In the world
And greater is the One living inside of me
Then he who is living in the world

Bring your doubts
Bring your fears
Bring your hurt
Bring your tears
There’ll be no condemnation here
You are holy, righteous and redeemed

Every time I fall
There’ll be those who will call me
A mistake
Well that’s ok

There’ll be days I lose the battle
Grace says that it doesn’t matter
‘Cause the cross already won the war
He’s Greater
He’s Greater

I am learning to run freely
Understanding just how He sees me
And it makes me love Him more and more
He’s Greater
He’s Greater

Lyrics by Mercy Me

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