Thursday, January 5, 2023

Stay Away from What Broke You

And to stay away from what broke you, you must stay near to the One who saved you. 

Because the moment we start wandering, is the moment our foundation will start trembling, and before we know it, we will be right back to the ground, shattered and hurting.

It can be so easy to want to entertain the thoughts of what or who we once knew. To who or what once worked. To forget how bad things were back then and think about doing life on our own terms again. To even think, that it, or that person, or doing what WE want rather than what God wants, will solve our problems or fill the void of what we may be feeling.

But it won’t. It’s a lie. And you gotta play the tape and remind yourself of the truth. Jesus is the void and who we are lacking in when those feelings set in again. And if it broke you before, it WILL break you again, and longing for it or them means your spirit is really in need of more of HIM.

So go to HIM, friend. Stay near to HIM. Because you’re free now, and going back is not anywhere you want to be again.❤️