Thursday, February 1, 2024

Nothing Can Keep You from His Love

Guys, nothing can be more true than the lyrics in this song. Nothing can keep you from His love. Whether you mess up big, or you mess up small, He loves you just the same. Just because you might be struggling in an area, doesn’t mean His love for you changes or He sees you differently. He just wants you to see, that not coming to Him with your struggles is what keeps you in that prison. Not admitting what He already knows is what keeps you enslaved to them. And when we choose to hold it all in, instead of going to Him, we WILL continue to get eaten alive by them.

I’ve stolen, lied, been in jail (more than once), drove drunk (more times than I could ever count), hurt people, manipulated people, had sex before marriage, abused my body, did things I’m not proud of, and the list goes on...

And guess what. NOTHING stopped me from receiving the all-encompassing, awe-inspiring, deep, and passionate love of Jesus in EVERY area when I finally came to Him about each one. And even if I struggle today, nothing keeps Him from helping me just the same.

Big or small, He cares. Big or small, He wants to love you through it. Big or small, He wants to help you beat it, conquer it, and rise above it. ❤️

“I don't know what you've been taught

Don't know what you've been told

All I know is my God

Will never let go, no. No matter what.” @ryansmusic