Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Don’t Let Anger Rule You

I mean, right? How often does someone say something or do something and you get so angry, but deep down, you're actually just really hurt? So hurt that they would do that. So hurt that they COULD do or say that.

Friends, anger is a secondary emotion, and so there is always a primary emotion going on behind it. Anger is just the symptom of something else we are feeling. Many of us have learned to turn to anger in order to protect ourselves from or cover up vulnerable feelings. We don't like feeling the pain of being hurt, so our way of dealing with it, our "drug", is anger, so we don't have to feel it. It numbs the pain. And distracts us from why we are angry in the first place. But friends, when we do this, it only ends up hurting ourselves. Anger takes such a major toll not only on our body, mind, and spirit, but also, on our relationship with the other person. We say things we regret later. We do things we wish we wouldn't have done. And always wish we would have handled things better. And this cycle usually happens over and over.

Let this be a reminder to all of us, to not let anger get the best of us, and ask ourselves when we feel it rising, what are we REALLY feeling that is resulting in this anger? Is what this person did hitting something that goes much deeper? Why do we want to turn to anger? And once we know, let us take a brave step and ask God to help us be honest with ourselves and Him, and the other person. Because let me tell you, people are often so surprised and usually immediately soften when someone comes to them with an honest and open heart about what they are truly feeling. But they will usually get on the offense, harden, and close right up if you come at them when you are angry. One way of handling our pain leads to life and pleases God. The other, kills us slowly inside and separates us from God. Let's not allow it to anymore, and seek God to heal our hearts and how we deal with our pain, forevermore! Because He will. It just takes us inviting Him in to our pain and opening the door. ❤️