Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taking Territory!

In Chapter One of the book of Joshua it's an amazing transition taking place.  The people have come under new leadership for "Moses My servant is dead".  Joshua is now going to lead the people into the promise land as the Lord commanded and promised that "every place that the sole of their foot would tread He had given them!" (Joshua 1:3)

However, the people were having a difficult time trusting and moving forward. They needed to be reminded several times in the first chapter that Moses was dead.  Sometimes we need to be reminded several times that our past is dead, and though we can learn from it, it can hold us from the promise land which is in front of us.  Like the Israelites, there can be new leadership, a new direction or a transition period we come across before entering the promise land...

Be excited...when we let go, step out in faith and trust, we are met with the unwavering faithfulness of the God of Israel and "He who has promised is faithful". (Hebrews 4:23)