Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How Does A Heart Harden?

A hardened heart is unnatural. Sadly many of God's children are walking around with hearts so hardened that they are unable to experience intimacy with God, themselves or others. Since we were created for connection and relationship with God first then others, a hardened heart will cause us to live isolated and withdrawn never truly experiencing the joy, peace, love and the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.

How does a heart hardened? A prolonged struggle. Perhaps you have grown weary in the trial even blaming God for not changing the circumstances. Maybe you have a deep wound, or a broken heart that has caused you to put up walls. When we do this, our defenses go up. It won't let anyone in including God. Self protection separates and leaves us running on reserve, alone and isolated. We were not meant to live that way. We were designed for intimacy. It may seem easier to be hard than soft and vulnerable but you were not created to live that way.  God made you to be tender and responsive. 

God wants to shape your heart but it's hard to shape stone. You must be willing to let the living God come in, heal your wounds and tear down your self protection and defenses. The amplified version of Ezekeil 11:19 describes beautifully what happens when we surrender our stony hearts to our loving God. 

"And I will give them one heart {a new heart}, And I will put a new spirit within them; And I will take the stony {unnaturally hardened} heart out of their flesh, And I will give them a heart of flesh {sensitive and responsive to the touch of their God}."

It's hard to shape stone. Give God access to your heart. Let God shape it and mold it. When you do that, He will leave his fingerprints all over your heart and His love will find you, apprehend you and fill you.

by Cecilia Trent